Workflow Concept

The “Workfows” section is used to support and customize business logic of any complexity. Workfows allow you to approve the following actions:

  • Editing a record of entity/lookup entity;
  • Deleting a record of entity/lookup entity;
  • Restoring logically deleted records;
  • Add new data;
  • Other actions in the system.

Main features of a workflow:

  • Any action can be regulated by one or more processes.
  • A process can regulate several actions at once.
  • The same process can be assigned to multiple entities/lookup entities.
  • The progress of workflow is determined by special event executors.

Example of Usage

An example of a standard workflow could be the approval of changes made to an entity record.

To add a workflow to the platform, the data administrator downloads an already prepared .xml or .bmpn file or creates the process diagram manually, using the platform templates as well. After configuring the basic parameters of the process, it is assigned to a certain entity.

The process will start when any changes are made to the entity record, which will create a task to approve those changes. The process will finish when the task is completed.