Creating/Editing Accounts

Users section. System administrator interface

To create an account:

  1. Click at the bottom of the control panel (Figure 1).
  2. The action opens a new window (Figure 2).
  3. In the User settings tab, fill in the main properties:
    • Required fields: first/last name, username, password, localization language, and interface. The username must be unique and consist of Latin letters. It's also acceptable to use numbers. Localization determines the language of the interface and email notifications.
    • Specify one or more roles required for the created user. If multiple roles conflict, user total rights are calculated as a combination of the rights of the specified roles, and the intersection is interpreted in the direction of increasing rights.
    • In the User information section, some fields can be mandatory or read-only.
  4. If neccessary, fill in optional parameters:
    • When activating the External property, a new Authorization type field will appear, in which it is possible to select the authorization method from the drop-down list (Figure 3). If the user is marked as an external user, then the external login data (a third-party username and password from the external system) is used for their work in the system. Configuring integration with external systems of differentiation access rights is described in Integration guide.
    • The Superuser property gives full rights to work with the entire platform, regardless of other settings and assigned roles. It is recommended to have at least one account with superuser rights. The superuser can replace the platform license in a special mode.
  5. If neccessary, add your own security labels.
  6. Activate the User is (un)active checkbox. You can only log in on behalf of the active account.
  7. Click Save in the top right corner of the screen to apply the changes.
    • The Username cannot be changed after the first saving of the account.
Go to a different section or updating a page in a browser may result in the loss of unsaved data

"List of users" panel and «Create new account» button

Figure 1. “List of users” panel and «Create new account» button

Required fields of the account form

Figure 2. Required fields of the account form

«Authorization type» field

Figure 3. «Authorization type» field

To edit an account:

  1. Select the required account from the list.
  2. Make changes.
    • The Username cannot be changed after the first saving of the account.
  3. Click Save in the top right corner of the screen to make changes.

If you change the settings, the user's work will be terminated, the account session will end, and the data you entered will be lost. The user must log in again.


1. Deleting accounts through the interface is not available. If necessary, the account can be deactivated.

2. Import/export of user accounts is available. This operation is performed simultaneously with importing / exporting the data model. For more information, see Data administrator manual.