Data Model Properties

Data model section. Data administrator interface
Data model properties are only available in draft mode.

To view and edit the properties of the data model:

  • Make sure you're in draft mode.
  • Click the “Data Model Properties” button located at the bottom of the list of entities/lookup entities.
  • The action opens a properties window that contains information (Figure 1):
    • Name of the data model.
    • Version number of the data model.
    • Structure of entities/lookup entities groups
  • If necessary, change the name of the data model.
  • If necessary, add or delete groups of entities/lookup entities and set their name.
    • If the directory is already in use, you can delete the directory only after all entities/lookup entities are removed from it.
  • Click “Save” to apply the changes, or “Cancel” to exit without saving.
    • All changes to properties will only take effect after the draft data model is published.

Data model properties window

Figure 1. Data model properties window