Comparing Workflow Model Versions

Workflows section. Data administrator interface

To compare the published version of the workflow model and the draft:

  • Go to the “Workflows” section, if not done previously, and enable the draft mode.
  • Click the “Compare changes” button located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The version comparison pop-up will open as a result of this action.

In the current version, it is possible to compare diagrams, indexed variables, mappings and process settings in the corresponding tabs. If there are differences between the draft and published version of the model, an indicator in the form of a red dot appears to the right of the name of the tab containing the changes.

"Diagram" tab

In the “Diagram” tab, there is a schema of the published process version on the left side, and a schema of the draft version on the right side of the screen. The edited blocks are highlighted in color: green - added block, red - deleted block, orange - changed block, blue - moved block (Figure 1).

Version comparison pop-up - "Diagram" tab

Figure 1. Version comparison pop-up - “Diagram” tab

"Indexed Variables", "Mapping" and "Process Settings" tabs

In the other tabs the comparison screen is a table: in the left column you can see the values of the variable/mappings/settings from the published process version, in the right column you can see the values from the draft version (Figure 2).

If you click “Differences Only”, only rows with different values will be displayed in the table.

If necessary, you can change the view of the table via the “Change View” button located in the upper right corner of the table.

Version comparison pop-up - "Process Settings" tab

Figure 2. Version comparison pop-up - “Process Settings” tab