Workflow Setup

To use workflows as a mechanism to approve changes, you must first create and configure them. All actions are performed in the “Workflows” section.

Before you start:

  • Create an account with access to the “Workflows” section.

To set up a workflow:

  1. Create a process. Depending on the type of process creation, you must either use a template/prepared file, or fill in all the data manually.
  2. Customize the created process. Assign the process to the required entities/lookup entities. If necessary, correct the process diagram and set the indexed variables.
  3. Check all the main process parameters:
    • User roles specified in the process must be created in the system and have the same logical names.
    • The process must be assigned to the required entities/lookup entities.
    • A trigger to start the process must correspond to the process purpose. For example, only processes that validate a record when it is created, loaded, or edited are suitable for the “Insert record” trigger.
    • If indexed variables are used, then they must be correctly passed through all steps of the process and take values ​​that correspond to their type.

A business process can be configured for events:

  • creating a record;
  • record update;
  • record recovery;
  • recovery of the time intervals in the record.

Other events require the creation of a custom Pipeline.

If you need to implement a custom workflow then add the process description from the loaded libraries to the list of executors.

Also see import and export of workflows.