Running Workflow

Before you start:

  • Create new account with access to the “Data” section and a role defining a user as the initiator of workflows.
  • Create and configure workflows.

To run a workflow:

  1. Create new record or open an existing one.
  2. Switch to draft mode.
  3. Make changes to the record and publish the draft.
  4. The action will automatically create a workflow to approve the publication.
    • The author of the changes will be considered as the initiator of the process.
    • A separate task will be created for each step of the process.
    • Tasks are distributed according to the workflow settings: they can be both assigned to certain users and available to certain users or roles for processing (i.e. available in common tasks).
  5. Complete the workflow, if necessary.
To complete the workflow, you need access to the accounts that are specified in the workflow settings. If the workflow settings involve user roles, those roles must be assigned to the accounts

To complete the workflow:

  1. Log in under a user account that has permissions to approve step 1.
  2. Find tasks created when you start the workflow. Task search screen
  3. Complete the task. Complete task
    • If the task is approved, the task of step 2 will become available.
    • If the task is not approved, send the task for correction, and after correction, approve the task.
    • Depending on the workflow settings, denying the task may end the process, send the task to a third user, etc.
  4. Complete the remaining tasks of the workflow.
  5. As a result, the workflow will be completed.
    • If successful, the proposed changes will be published.
    • If unsuccessful, the proposed changes will be denied.

Additional Actions with Workflows