Notifications area contains information about the action results, e.g.: the completion of data export/import, batch data changes.

To open the “Notifications” area:

  1. Open user User menu located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  2. Select “Notifications”.

  3. This action opens the notifications area on the right side of the screen (number represents the amount of notifications).

Notifications area icon

Figure 1. Notifications area icon

If the operation involves creating a file, you can save it by clicking “Download result”. Using the browser’s download manager, the file is saved to the user’s computer’s hard drive in .csv, .xml, .xlsx, or zip archive format.

“Details” button allows you to view details of the completed operation. For example, which records were not imported from Excel because of various errors. The notification can be removed by clicking the image1 button next to the required line. The “Clear Notifications” button removes all notifications.

"Details" button

Figure 2. “Details” button

System Messages and Tooltips

In response to various user actions, the application displays three types of system messages:

  • Successful completion (blue color),

  • Warnings (dark grey),

  • Errors (red).

Messages are displayed in the lower-right corner of the screen and are hidden after a certain time. If you hover the cursor over the message, it will disappear only after the cursor is removed.

Errors can be critical. The text of the critical error message contains the “Error Details” link. When the error details window is expanded, the user interface becomes inactive.

Tooltips are also available: messages that appear on screen after hovering the cursor over a specific interface element. Tips can indicate the names of interactive elements or show the features of working with elements.

Example of error message and details

Figure 3. Example of error message and details