Logging In

Unidata system is a client-server application. The user interface is accessible via the browser.

The server address can look like localhost: <port>; <server IP address>: <port> or <domain name>.

Start page contains “Username” and “Password” fields. After you fill in the fields, click “Log in” (or press Enter).

Start page of system

Figure 1. Start page of system

First Login

A new account has a temporary password, which you will need to change to your own the first time you log in to the application.

After you enter your username and password, the window changes (Figure 2). Enter new password and click “Change” button. If the system has a password security policy configured, the new password will need to meet the requirements.

The action will bring up the login page again. Enter the user name and the new password.


For Standart and Enterprise editions, changing the password at first login is available only after downloading the license

Changing password by first log in

Figure 2. Changing password by first log in

Changing Current Password

You can only change your password after you have logged in to the application under “Account settings”.

To change password:

  1. Log in under your account.

  2. Select “Change password” in user’ menu in upper right corner of the screen.

  3. In the window that opens, enter the current password, a new password, and repeat the new password again.

  4. Push “Change” for accept or “Cancel” for decline operation.

Login Error

If the login information is not entered correctly, a login error will be displayed on the initial page (Figure 3).

An error may mean a typo in one of the fields, a mismatched character case, or the absence of the account in the system. You need to check that the user name you entered, the selected input language, and case are correct.

Re-enter the password and try to log in again.

If you are sure that the password is correct, but you can’t log in, contact your system administrator.

Login error

Figure 3. Login error

Password Reset

To reset a password:

  1. Click “Forgot password?” on the start page (Figure 4).

  2. Enter username or email address.

  3. Click “Send password” (Figure 5).

    • If you enter the username, an email will be sent to the address specified in the account.

    • If you enter the email address, the email will only be sent if an account containing the specified address is found.

    • Next message can be sent in 1 minute.

  4. Check your email. The message with instructions will look like this:

Password reset instructions

Follow the link to get access to the Unidata platform.
Enter your username: anikitin
Enter the temporary password: 62b5da37-2cce-4f8b-b5da-372cce7f8b3a
You will need to enter a new password when logging in.

The email was generated automatically. Please don't reply to it.
  • Click the link and set a new password and log into the system (see First Login).

Password recovery form

Figure 4. Password recovery form

"Send password" button with "Username" entered

Figure 5. “Send password” button with “Username” entered

Ending Session

To end the session:

  1. Click the current username located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  2. Click “Exit” (see Figure 3).

The system takes into account the duration of inactivity periods. If no action is taken for a long time, the session will automatically end and you will need to log in again.

Changing Language

On the start screen by clicking on the flag icon, you can change the language of the interface elements (Figure 6). The language is changed only for the current session - when the session ends, the default language returns.

Selecting interface language

Figure 6. Selecting interface language