About Unidata System

Unidata is a Master Data Management (MDM) solution to build master data managing systems. The system is a source of complete and consistent business information which contains etalon data, free of any duplicates, mistakes, inconsistencies, etc.

Through data management, it is possible to get data from different sources, process data, clean it from duplicates, errors, inconsistencies, etc. Key data management systems represent a source of complete and consistent information for the business, allowing you to reduce losses from data errors, reduce the impact of human error and optimize the work with data.

Main System Functions

Data management:

  • Working with data model;

  • Working with data quality rules, duplicate search rules, data processing functions, etc.;

  • Managing source systems.

Process data manually:

  • Checking quality rules;

  • Combining duplicates, etc.

System maintenance:

  • Working with security model and workflows;

  • System configuration, service operations launch, audit of actions.

Integration with external systems