Security Labels Setup

Creating Security Labels

To create a security label:

  1. Go to Security labels section.

  2. Click image4 “Create” at the bottom of the labels list.

  3. As a result of the action, a list of label parameters will be displayed in the working area.

  4. Specify the name and the displayed name of the label. If necessary, add a description of the label.

  5. Select an entity/lookup entity on which the label will work 1.

  6. Specify one or more attributes. In the “Roles” and “Users” sections, you could add allowed values for the specified attributes.

  7. Click image1 “Save” located in the upper right corner of the screen.


The operation of security labels for hierarchical lookup entities is not provided

To edit a label:

  1. Select the required label from the list of existing ones.

  2. Enter the required property values.

  3. Click image2 “Save”.

To delete a security label:

  1. Select the required label from the list.

  2. Click image3 “Delete” located in the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. Confirm the action.

If you need to set different number of allowed values for various attributes of the same entity/lookup entity, it is recommended to create several security labels for one entity/lookup entity

Section overview

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Security Label Properties






Logical name of the label

The label name must be unique and consist of a combination of Latin alphabet letters and numbers.


Display name

Display label name

Used for display in the interface. Can consist of any set of Latin alphabet letters with numbers



Text description of the label

Additional info about the label



Entity/lookup entity for which the label is configured

Entity/lookup entity for which the label is being created



A set of entity/lookup entity attributes included in the label

It is possible to set several fields for one label

The permitted format of the “Name” field:

  • First character is a letter;

  • Subsequent characters: letters, numbers.

  • Name of an existing label cannot be changed

A user can only view those records that fully match the security label. If multiple labels determine access to the record, it will only be available to the user if the conditions for each label match.


If the “type of material” attribute has the “oak” assigned label, the “type of product” attribute has the “plaque” assigned label, only records that match both those conditions will be displayed. If the record does not match at least one label, it will not be available.