Operation Parameters

The contents of the parameters list depends on the previosly selected operation type («Type» field).

Data Reindexing Operation (reindexDataJob)

The data reindexing operation is intended to start indexing the search system when there are significant changes in the record structure to speed up the search for records and attributes, as well as to search for duplicate records within the specified entity/lookup entity.

  • User account name (text field). Account login. Determines with which account the operation will be launched. If the field is empty, when starting by Cron-expression, the operation will have full rights for any entity/lookup entity; when starting through the UI, the operation will have rights for the current account. For a data steward account, you may need to configure rights for entities/lookup entities.

  • Clean indexes (checkbox). Deletes old indexes and creates new ones.

  • Skip default report (checkbox). Disables the recording of events in audit logs.

  • Update mappings (checkbox). Updates the index mappings.

  • Entities to reindex (drop-down list). Entity/lookup entity for which reindexing will be performed (multiple selections are available). By default, set to All - the operation is performed for all entities/lookup entities.

  • Block size (integer). Number of records to be loaded. By default = 1024.

  • Reindex records (checkbox). Starts reindexing records.

  • Reindex relations (checkbox). Starts reindexing relations.

  • Reindex drafts (checkbox). Starts reindexing drafts.

  • Update matching tables data (checkbox). Starts the process of searching for duplicate records according to the configured rules.

  • Write ID log (checkbox). Saves the data of unsuccessful commit intervals in the DB.

  • Process ID log (checkbox). Activates the mode of additional processing of the accumulated unsuccessful requests.

Write/Process ID log allow you to save information about records that didn’t get into the index to rework only the failed part during the next run. This can save a lot of time on reindexing large number of records.

Parameters are used when Elasticsearch indexing order is interrupted and indexing requests are terminated with the EsRejectedExecutionException error. In all other cases parameters should be disabled.

According to the licensing terms, the reindexDataJob may have multithreading disabled. In this case, the operation will run only on one node of the cluster (for Standart Edition only).

Data Exporting Operation (exportDataJob)

The data exporting operation is intended to upload data to a third-party information system.

  • Skip relations (checkbox). A checkbox to skip linked records.

  • Operation ID (text field). Load ID.

  • Definition content (text field). Description of the data to be loaded in JSON format, made according to the Unidata MDM schema.

  • Skip deleted (checkbox). A checkbox to skip records marked as deleted.

  • Database URL (text field). JDBC database URL to perform the export.

  • Block size (text field). Size of block of uploaded data. Default value is 1024.