Matching Model

The matching.xml file can be used to obtain the matching model

Download matching.xml

post {
    request.uri.path = "/${AppConfig.REST_API_URL}/v1/matching/model/import"
    request.contentType = 'multipart/form-data'
    request.headers['Authorization'] = token
    request.body = multipart {
        part 'file',, 'text/xml', xmlFile
        part 'override', 'true'
    request.encoder 'multipart/form-data', OkHttpEncoders.&multipart


The first part of the file consists matching algorithms.

There is one algorithm in the file that uses postgresMatchingStorage (matchingStorageId = “postgresMatchingStorage”).


Figure 1. Algorithms

Matching Tables

Matching table declares columns for matching data of different types.

Matching table

Figure 2. Matching table

Matching Rules

The rule uses ExactAlgorithm as matching algorithm and postgresMatchingStorage as matching storage.

Matching rules

Figure 3. Matching rules

Rule Sets

Rule set specifies matching rule, matching table, table column, matching algorithm and storage.

Matching rule set

Figure 4. Matching rule set


Here are three assignments for each existing workspaces: entity, lookup entity and relation. Their mappings declare matching attributes in entity MASTER, relation REL_REF and lookup entity STR_LOOKUP (path parameter).


Figure 5. Assignments