Data Quality Model

The data-quality.xml file can be used to obtain the matching model

Download data-quality.xml

post {
    request.uri.path = "/${AppConfig.REST_API_URL}/data-quality/model/import"
    request.contentType = 'multipart/form-data'
    request.headers['Authorization'] = token
    request.body = multipart {
        part 'file',, 'text/xml', xmlFile
        part 'override', 'true'
    request.encoder 'multipart/form-data', OkHttpEncoders.&multipart


The first part of the file contains six system functions.


Figure 1. Functions

Function Groups

Unidata system has about 40 system functions and all of them may be combined into groups. There are 7 groups of the functions in the file.

There is one default group - “ROOT”.

It is possible to create a deep hierarchy of function groups. Each inner group is able to contain a lot of inner groups inside.

Function groups

Figure 2. Function groups

Quality Rules

The third part of “data-quality” xml-file comprises data quality rules. Here are 2 rules of two different types.

First rule - validation rule. It uses CheckLength system function to check string attribute length.

Second rule - enrichment rule. It generates string attribute using “Concatenate” system function.

Data quality rules

Figure 3. Data quality rules

Rule Sets

The rule sets follow after data quality rules.

Data quality rule sets

Figure 4. Data quality rule sets

There is one rule set for 2 rules in the file with 2 mappings in the set. The first mapping for the first rule and the second mapping for the second one.

The mapping for checkStringAttr rule

Figure 5. The mapping for checkStringAttr rule

The first mapping declares the checking attribute (attribute string in MASTER entity) and its MIN and MAX length (10 and 10).

The mapping for genStringAttr rule

Figure 6. The mapping for genStringAttr rule

The second mapping declares the enrichment of string attribute in MASTER entity. This attribute is the result of two attributes (main and string in MASTER entity) concatenation.


This part may have assignments for three namespaces: entity, lookup entity, relation. There is only one assignment for the MASTER entity in the file.


Figure 7. Assignments