Viewing Process

To view all the running processes, open the “Tasks” section and switch to the “Process” tab.

The list of all current workflows running in the system will be displayed on the screen. The list is represented as a table with the columns:

  • Process ID

  • Process name

  • Initiator

  • Start date (a date of creation)

  • Complete date (a date of completion)

  • Status

The screen is for informational purposes only.

To view the process card, click on the row with the process in the table. As a result of the action, a drawer appears containing 2 tabs: “Schema” and “History”.

The “Schema” tab displays a diagram of the selected workflow. The currently selected step is highlighted in blue (Figure 1).

Process card view - "Schema" tab

Figure 1. Process card view - “Schema” tab

The “History” tab displays basic information about the workflow (process name, initiator, creation and end date, status) and the task history of the current process. To navigate to the process task, click “Go to task” (Figure 2).

Process card view - "History" tab

Figure 2. Process card view - “History” tab