Searching Tasks

To find a task:

  1. Make sure the “Tasks” section is open and the “Tasks” tab is active.

  2. A list of tasks will be displayed.

  3. Set up task filtering:

    • Click the image4 “Add criteria” button.

    • Select one or several search criteria in the drop-down list.

    • The selected criteria are displayed to the right of the “Add criteria” button. Some criteria allow you to specify more specific parameters.

  4. After selecting the search criteria, click “Search”.

  5. As a result, the task list will be re-formed according to the specified parameters


It is possible to switch between the criteria with the keyboard arrows. Select a criterion by pressing Enter. After selecting the criteria, move to the criteria line: press Esc. To switch to the next element press Tab

Saving is available frequent search queries to search for tasks.

Task search screen

Figure 1. Task search screen

Tasks Available to Current User

Periodically checking for new tasks available to the current user. The number of found tasks is displayed:

  • In record card (tasks linked to this record are displayed). If the task is assigned to the current user - the image1 icon will appear on the right. You can navigate to the task by clicking on it.

  • As a counter in the image2 “Available tasks” menu, located in the upper right corner of the screen. Clicking on the menu will open a list with the latest available tasks and a button to go to the full list of tasks.

The menu also displays the last active tasks with the “In progress” status.