Record History

To view the record history:

  1. Open the desired record and click the image1 button located in the upper right corner of the record card.

  2. Select the “Record history” item. This action will open a record history table showing all actions taken on the current record.

  3. To return to the record card, click “Return to record” to the right of the Record history title.

The “Event” column captures the specific action that was performed on the record: creating or updating record; deleting validity period.

Sorting the table by date of change is available in the “Update date” column. If you click the image2 button to the right of the column header, the inverse sorting is applied - from the older event to the newer one.

To filter the table by the “Event”, “Login”, and “Source system” columns:

  1. Click filter.png “Filter” to the right of the desired column header.

  2. From the drop-down list, select the value by which the table will be filtered and click “Apply”.

After applying the filter, the “Filter” icon will change its color to blue. To reset the applied filter, click the “Filter” icon again and select Cancel.

You can turn all filters on at once by clicking the “Filters On/Off (1)” button in the upper right corner of the table. The number in brackets indicates the number of applied filters.

To reset all filters, use the trash2.png button in the upper right corner.

To compare record states:

  1. Check the required rows with the checkboxes (from 2 to 5 rows) and click the “Compare revisions” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

    • If you try to select more rows in the table, a message that the number of elements for comparison is limited appears.

    • The “Compare revisions” button is not available if less than 2 table rows are selected.

  2. As a result of the action, a drawer with the states of the record appears. The actions for comparing revisions are identical to those for comparing records.

"Record history" screen

Figure 1. “Record history” screen