Relation Graph

The “Relation Graph” tab displays all incoming and outgoing relations of the current record in a graphical form:

  • The orange circle indicates the current record, the blue one indicates the linked records.

  • To the right of the circle the entity name (Figure 1 - 1) and the record name (Figure 1 - 2) are displayed.

  • Relations and their directions are indicated by arrows - the name of the relation is displayed above the arrow.

  • Moving elements of the graph is available by left-clicking on the circle and holding it.

  • When you put the cursor on the circle of a record or a relation name, additional information is displayed: record/relation attributes (if any).

  • Right-clicking on the circle of the record opens a menu where you can open the current record in a new tab or download all the relations available in the record (Figure 1 - 3).

Record card ("Relation Graph" tab)

Figure 1. Record card (“Relation Graph” tab)