Getting Started with “Main” Section

Main” section is a quick access page to the main tools of the data operator. The section contains widgets, each of which is located in a separate area:

  • Search queries. List of queries for searching duplicates, entities, lookup entities and tasks saved in “Data”, “Duplicates”, “Tasks” sections. When you click on a search query, the corresponding section opens and the search bar is filled with the saved criteria.

    • To change the list of queries, click image1 “Edit” in the upper right corner of the widget. Deleting a query is available by clicking image2 “Delete”, which is displayed at the right end of the line when you hover your cursor. The request will also be deleted from the corresponding section.

  • Data. The list of the most recently opened records. When you click on any line, the record card opens.

  • Draft List. List of records drafts. When you select an entity/lookup entity from the drop-down list, the widget will display a table of available drafts with information about the name of the draft, the owner of the record, the date of update and the status of the draft. You can go to the record’s draft by clicking on its name.

  • Favorite Records (for Standart & Enterprise Editions). A list of records marked as favorites by the user. When you click on a favorite record, the record card opens. You can remove a record from the list of favorites by clicking on the image3 icon. The list will be updated automatically.

  • Tasks (for Standart & Enterprise Editions). A list of tasks available to the current user. When you click on the task name, the task card opens.

To configure the widget display:

  1. Click image1 “Customize widget display” in the upper right corner of the section.

  2. In the drop-down list, check the widgets you want to display. If necessary, reset the settings.

  3. If necessary, resize the widgets or change their location by drag-and-drop.

  4. Click the “Save” button.

Example of "Main" section display

Figure 1. Example of “Main” section display