Relations Search Criteria

The “Relations” group is used to search for records by the relations that the selected entity has, as well as by backward relations.

To search by relations values:

  1. Click image1 “Add Criteria”.

  2. From the drop-down list, select the “Relations” value and select the desired relation.

  3. As a result of the action, a new search item with the name of the relation will be added to the search bar.

  4. By default, all linked records will be searched. If necessary, select specific records by clicking on the search item → “Choose Related Records”.

  5. This will open a selection modal window. In the leftmost column, check the required records with the flags and click “Select”.

  6. If necessary, select the checkboxes of the search relation attributes to refine the query. The relation attributes are available for selection in case they were configured when you created the relation.

  7. Add another relation search element, if necessary.

  8. When the search query is formed, click “Search”. The search results will be displayed in the table below the search bar.