“Search” Field


This field is only available if the entity/lookup entity is selected

Terms of Use

  • If you want to display all entity/lookup entity records, leave the field empty and press Enter / “Search”. The search criteria must also be cleared.

  • This field searches for complete matches of attribute values within the entered search query. However, the query may contain an incomplete word.

  • If you need to find records by the record attribute value, enter the required value and press Enter / “Search”.

  • If some attributes cannot be found, it means that data administrator did not mark these attributes as searchable when configuring the system.

  • The “Attributes” system criterion is an alternative to the “Search” field, but it allows you to search for records based on the value of one specific attribute. For example, only among the “Name” attributes.

  • If you need to create a complex search query, then combine the “Search” field and search criteria. E.g.: show all entries with data quality errors that match the keyword “Brake disk”.

  • The search query can be saved for further usage.


Search attributes can have the following types: text, integer value, numeric value, enumeration. There is no case check for the keyword. You can use even 1 character during search, but we recommend using more precise queries.

Search panel

Figure 1. Search panel