Attribute Values Criteria

The “Attributes” group is used to search for records by the specific attributes values. E.g.: you can find all records of individuals who have the “Name” attribute set to “John”.

To search by attribute values:

  1. Click image2 “Add Criteria” on the search bar.

  2. Select “Attributes” from the drop-down list and select all required attributes.

    • The list displays only those attributes for which the “Searchable” option is enabled when you set up the data model.

  3. This will add new search items to the second line of the search bar.

  4. Press “Not selected” for the desired attribute.

  5. This will open an additional panel with search criteria by attribute value.

  6. Select the optional criterion, specify the equal/unequal sign and select or enter a value (Table 1).

  7. If necessary, click image1 “Add” and enter additional criteria. A logical OR relationship will be considered between the attribute values.

  8. When the search query is formed, click the “Search” button. The search results will be displayed in the results table.

Example of selecting search criteria by attribute value

Figure 1. Example of selecting search criteria by attribute value

Search results display records that meet the following conditions:

  • Record meets all search criteria.

  • Current date, or the date specified in the search criteria, falls within the limits of the record’s validity period.

  • Record is not logically deleted (in case it is not a search for deleted records).

When selecting the attribute being searched for, consider the attribute value type. The value type affects the field values allowed to be entered and the search result.

Table 1. Additional value criteria



For attributes of all types

Empty value

If “No” is selected (default) - all records with the specified attribute filled are searched. If “Yes” is selected, the search is performed for the records with the specified attribute not filled

Exact value

Search for the exact attribute value that is equal/unequal to the one specified in the condition. The data administrator can configure whether the search is case-sensitive (can be set only for string attributes)

Only for attributes with value type “String”

Starts with

Search for attributes, which values contain words starting / not starting with the set of letters specified in the condition. In case the specified value contains several values separated by a space, the condition will be treated as a logical “AND”, i.e. the results will contain records, in which the text field contains words, each of which starts / does not start with one of the values specified in the condition. Multi-value search is performed only among attributes that contain multiple words. A search for multiple values (characters) in the same word can be performed by other attribute search options, such as “Contains”. The search is not case-sensitive for the criterion


Search records by attributes, in the value of which there are words that contain / do not contain the specified text. Records will appear in the search output if they exactly contain the entered text. The “Contains” query may take longer to process than other search queries. The data administrator can configure whether the search is case-sensitive

Similar to

Search records by attributes whose values are similar / not similar to the entered query, and differ by a few characters. The case for the criterion is not taken into account


Morphological search allows to find all matches with a search query taking into account grammatical forms. In the process of search query processing all the grammatical forms of the search query are analyzed and output simultaneously. Morphological search lets you find all matches for a keyword in the search query taking the grammatical forms of the word or expression you are searching for into account. Search is performed by attributes of the entity/lookup entity. Attributes participating in morphology search are configured by data administrator. Case is not taken into account for the criterion

Only for attributes with value types “Date” and “Date/Time”

Range / Value

Search for attributes that contain / do not contain the specified date or date range

Only for attributes of type “Enumeration”, “Local enumeration”, «Link to lookup entity” and attributes with value type “Logical”


Search by attribute values that match / do not match the values selected from the drop-down list

Only for attributes with “Number”, “Integer”, and “Time” value types


Search for attribute values that fall / do not fall within the specified range. Absence of value in the field of the lower bound of the range is interpreted as “-∞”, upper - as “+∞” (for example, if you specify -5 as the lower bound of the range, and the field of the upper bound is left empty, the results will display the records, which attribute value is in the range from -5 to +∞