Data Import from Excel

Import is used to create and update data in a separate entity/lookup entity by downloading an .xlsx file format.

It is available to download:

  • Records.

  • Components of record: simple and array-attributes; all kinds of relations; complex attributes.

  • Attribute values of “File” type.

To import data into the system:

  1. Go to the “Data” section.

  2. Select the required entity/lookup entity.

  3. Click the image1 “Import” button located in the upper right corner.

  4. This will open an import wizard, which consists of three steps.

  5. In the first step, configure the settings:

    • Specify the entity/lookup entity where the data will be loaded.

    • Specify on behalf of which source system the data will be loaded. If the import is done from the same record source that was used when filling, the attributes of the matching records (with the same identifier) will be updated. Otherwise, the other source system will have a different trust priority (depending on the system settings) and new records will be created as a result of the import.

    • Specify the import executor. Only basic import is available.

    • The “Ignore empty cells” checkbox is associated with the selected source system and is responsible for ignoring empty cells (empty attribute values) during import. Empty attribute values can overwrite existing data when you re-import data. For the “unidata” source system, this checkbox is mandatory.

  6. In the second step, download the file template.

  7. Fill in the template.

    • The table columns represent the names of the attributes of the entity/lookup entity for which the import is performed.

    • You can close the download wizard for filling and return to it later.

  8. On the third step, select the filled file in the file manager of the operating system.

  9. Click “Confirm”.

  10. Wait for the operation to complete.

  11. Check the import status in the notification area.

Also see: Description of XLSX file format