Batch Operation of Exporting Records to Excel

To batch export records:

  1. Go to the “Data” section.

  2. Select the desired entity/lookup entity.

    • To export Hierarchical Lookup entity records, you need to switch to “Table view” by clicking on the button of the same name at the right end of the “Search” field.

  3. In the far left column, check the boxes next to the records you want to export.

  4. This will make the “Actions” button available in the upper right corner. Click it and select “Export records to XLSX”.

  5. The modal window of the record export wizard will open (Figure 1):

    • If necessary, enable the export of relations with the corresponding checkbox.

  6. Go to the next step of the wizard and confirm the action (Figure 2).

  7. The result of the execution will be available in Notifications.


Performing a batch operation can take a long time before the information in the search becomes relevant if a large number of records have been selected.

Also see: Description of XLSX file format.

Wizard of batch record exporting (Step 1)

Figure 1. Wizard of batch record exporting (Step 1)

Wizard of batch record exporting (Step 2)

Figure 2. Wizard of batch record exporting (Step 2)