Batch Operation of Deleting Records

To batch delete records:

  1. Go to “Data” section.

  2. Select the desired entity/lookup entity.

  3. Use checkboxes to mark the records you want to delete. Validity periods of the selected records will also be deleted.

  4. As a result, the “Actions” button will become available in the upper right corner. Click on it and select “Delete records”.

  5. The modal window of the deletion wizard will open. Select the desired type of deletion:

    • Physical. Deleted records will not be available to restore.

    • Logical. Records will be available for further restoration. The records are marked as deleted.

  6. Go to the next step of the wizard and confirm the action.

  7. The result will be available in “Notifications”.


Performing a batch operation can take a long time before the information in the search becomes relevant if a large number of records have been selected.

Batch deletion wizard

Figure 1. Batch deletion wizard

Confirmation of batch deletion

Figure 2. Confirmation of batch deletion