Diagram Editor

To create workflow diagram:

  1. Make sure draft mode is enabled.

  2. Make sure the “Workflows” tab at the top of the processes list is active.

  3. Create a new workflow and select the type of process creation - Fill manually.

  4. Make sure the Diagram tab is active.

  5. This will automatically create an empty diagram in .bpmn format.

  6. Build the workflow diagram using the visual editor. The process looks as follows:

    • Add start event. To do this, click the image1 start event icon and then click the work area. When the element is selected on the diagram the Hint with a brief description of the event will be available at the bottom of the work area.

    • Add new event image2. Two methods are available:

      • Select an event in the left panel.

      • Highlight the desired event in the diagram. From some types of events you can create a new event by clicking on the appropriate icon, and the connection will be automatically built. It is also available to change the type of the selected event by clicking on the image3 “Change type” icon.

    • Add event name, if this is provided by the event type (e.g., task, subtask, group).

    • For events that are processing by users, enable the appropriate setting. Highlight the event, click the image3 Change type and select the “User task” type.

    • For events that should be processed by service tasks, enable the appropriate setting. Highlight the event, click the image4 Change type and select the “Service task” type.

    • Add connection between the events. Two ways are available:

      • Click the image5 “Global Connect” icon in the left panel. Select the event from which the connection will start and draw a connection line to the desired event.

      • Highlight the event in the diagram. Click the image5 “Connect” icon that appears and draw a connection to the desired event.

    • Add end event of the process image4.

    • Configure the diagram settings in the panel, located on the right side of the workspace. The settings change for each highlighted event.

  7. To save the diagram, click the Save button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Example of diagram creation

Figure 1. Example of diagram creation