Work with Units of Measurement

Unit of measurement is an additional parameter for numerical values of simple attributes that is used to describe measured quantities (for example, units of mass or length). A single basic value and conversion rules are specified within the unit.

Conversion rule is a formula to convert the value of the measured unit into the value of the basic unit. Example. Basic unit: “Kilogram”. Conversion rule for the “Ton” unit: basic unit * 1000

Units are used to search records by attribute values that contain quantitative data, regardless of the unit in which the data is stored. The search is performed in basic units, so you must enter the exact value or range of values of the basic unit in the search field.

Example. The “Spare parts” entity records have the “Weight” attribute and for different parts the weight can be entered both in tons and grams. However, when you search for entity records, the values of the basic unit (kilograms) will be used in the search.

Creating Unit

To create a unit:

  1. Go to the “Units” section.

  2. Click image1 “Create” in the lower-left corner of the screen.

  3. Fill in the main properties:

    • Name. This is a logical name, the name must contain Latin letters, numbers, symbols “-“, “_” and begin with a letter. Cannot contain spaces. The name cannot be changed after saving.

    • Display name. Name that will be displayed to users.

    • Custom properties. List of parameters (“name” – “value” pair) that contain additional text information. Parameters can be referenced by custom extensions and can also contain non-standard information from external systems.

  4. Add unit values (Figure 1):

    • Click “Add value” at the bottom of the “Unit content” area.

    • Set the Name of the measurement unit.

    • Set the Display name of the measurement unit.

    • Fill in the Conversion formula. This field must either have a specific value in the “value” field (for the basic unit) or the conversion rule. For example: value*75. The formula must fit the JavaScript syntax.

    • Select the Basic unit checkbox if this unit is the basic one. The Conversion field of the basic unit must be filled only with the “value” (with no formula).

    • Add more enumerations, if necessary.

  5. Click “Save” in the upper-right corner.

Editing Unit

To edit a unit:

  1. Select the required unit from the list.

  2. Make changes: add or remove any units, if necessary.

    • “Name” field cannot be edited because it is a system field (required for the data model).

  3. Click “Save” in the upper-right corner.

To delete a unit:

  1. Select the required unit from the list.

  2. Click “Delete” in the upper-right corner.

  3. Confirm the action.


You cannot delete measurement units if they are used in entities/lookup entities.

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