Assigning Matching Rules

Rules Assignment” tab links previously configured matching tables and rule sets to specific attributes of entities/lookup entities (Figure 1).

The "Rules Assignment tab"

Figure 1. “Rules Assignments” tab

Rule Assignment

To assign matching rules:

  1. Make sure that the draft mode is enabled and the draft is selected.

  2. Click the “+ Add” button and select the necessary entity/lookup entity from the list of existing ones.

    • To assign rules to the entity - the button to the right of the Entities header, to assign rules to the lookup entity - to the right of the Lookups header.

    • The button is disabled when all available matching tables (matching rule sets) are already used.

  3. As a result of the action, a drawer with assignment parameters will open (Figure 2).

  4. Click the “+ Add” button to the right of the Assignments header.

  5. As a result of the action, the Table field will appear.

  6. Select the matching table from the list of previously created tables, to which the set of rules will be bound.

  7. As a result of the action, the list of table matching columns and the set of rules that can be assigned to this table will be displayed below.

  8. For each column, select the required entity/lookup entity attribute. To do this, click on the text field to the right that specifies the path to find this attribute and select the attribute from the list of available ones. If necessary, you can change the text view by clicking the “Change view” button. The path for finding the attribute (example for the Entity) should have the form: “Entity:Entity name:{}.Attribute name”.

  9. Next, click the “Add” button below.

  10. As a result of the action, the “Rule Set” field will appear. Select the required rule set from the drop-down list of available sets for this table.

  11. To make assignments for several tables, click the “+ Add” button to the right of the Assignments header, or “Delete” to erase the unnecessary ones.

  12. Click “Save” after filling in all the parameters and publish the draft.

Canceling Assignment

To delete an assignment:

  1. Make sure that the draft mode is enabled and a draft is selected.

  2. In the leftmost column, mark the row next to the required entity/lookup entity (one or more).

  3. Click the “Delete Assignment” button located in the upper right corner of the tab.

  4. Confirm or cancel the action.


Deleting assigned matching rules is done in reverse tabs order: Rules Assignment → Matching Rule Sets → Matching Rules → Matching Tables

Parameters of Rules Assignment

Figure 2. Parameters of Rules Assignment.