Enrichment Rules Creation Wizard

The wizard opens when you create an enrichment rule in simple mode.

Fill in the following enrichment rule parameters:

  1. At the Select function step, specify data processing function that the rule will apply. Only functions that can be used for validation will be suggested in the list. A standard, composite, or custom function can be selected.

  2. Click “Next step”.

  3. At the Properties step, specify the basic properties of the rule:

    • Name. Logical name of the rule.

    • Display name. Name that will be displayed to users.

    • Description (optional). Additional information about the quality rule.

    • Run condition. The condition under which the quality rule will be triggered.

    • For which source systems to apply. Defines, for the data of which sources the rule will be applied.

    • On behalf of which source system to save. The source system on behalf of which the enriched data will be saved.

  4. At the Set of rules step, select an existing data set, or select the option to create a new set. The step is available only in case there are already rule sets on the selected entity/lookup entity.

  5. At the Rule set properties specify the properties:

    • Set name. Logical name of the set.

    • Description (optional). Additional information about the set.

    • In the To be added to set area check and, if necessary, edit the parameters of incoming and outgoing ports of the data processing function.

    • In the Set contents оarea the parameters of incoming and outgoing ports that have already been added to the set are displayed.

  6. Click the “Confirm” button after you finish the rule configuration.

  7. After all the data has been entered and saved, publish the draft.