Quality Rules

Data quality rules allow you to check the attribute values of records for matching the specified conditions.

If the attribute value does not meet the conditions, then a quality error is created, which requires correction.

Updating the quality rule model is available in any of the tabs of the “Data Quality” section by clicking the image1 menu button and selecting “Refresh Data Quality Model”.


Also see Quality Rules Concept

Switching Modes

Work with data quality rules is available to the user in two modes: simple and advanced. These modes represent two ways to create data quality rules.ruleadvance

If necessary, the same rule can be edited in different modes.

  • Simple mode. Allows you to create rules sequentially step by step. This simplifies some of the creation mechanisms, which affects the flexibility of rule settings. Also in the simple mode it is impossible to create a rule that contains validation and enrichment at once.

  • Advance mode. Represents a more complex rule creation tool, is more flexible and has more customization options.

Simple mode is available by default when you go to “Data Quality”.

To enable advanced mode:

  • Go to the “Data Quality” section.

  • Click the image1 menu button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Select “Switch to advanced mode”.

To go back from advanced mode to simple:

  • Click the image1 menu button located in the upper right corner of the screen again.

  • Select “Switch to simple mode”.