“Layout” Tab

In the “Layout” tab, you can customize the appearance of the record card:

  • Creating attribute groups, moving attributes between groups, changing the order of displaying attributes within a group (Figure 1 - 1).

  • Global setting of label width and position (attribute name and attribute value fields) for all attribute groups (Figure 1 - 2).

  • Configuring the display of individual attributes (Figure 1 - 3), including the display depending on the conditions/values of other attributes (only for Enterprise Edition).

Attribute Group Setup

To add and customize an attribute group:

  1. Make sure that draft mode is enabled and the draft is selected.

  2. Click image1 below the basic attribute group.

  3. Enter a name for the new group, if necessary.

  4. Drag and drop the required attributes into the group. You can also use drag-and-drop to change the order of the attributes within the group.

  5. If necessary, adjust the display of the attributes inside the group:

    • Click image2 on the right side of the group header.

    • Deselect the “Global settings” checkbox.

    • Specify the settings: the position of the displayed attribute name and the “Name/value” width ratio.

  6. If necessary, adjust the order of the groups by drag-and-drop.

To delete group, click image3 on the right side of the group header.

All Groups Setup

To customize the attribute display for all groups:

  • Specify the following settings in the “Global Settings” area located on the right side of the screen:

    • Name/Value width ratio.

    • Label position.

Individual Attribute Setup

To configure the display of an individual attribute depending on another one:

  1. Click image4 to the left of the required attribute name.

  2. In the “Visibility Rules for Attribute” section on the right, select the default behavior: Visible or Hidden.

  3. In the “Hide/Show, if” field that opens at the bottom, you can set an additional condition so that the current attribute will be displayed in the record card depending on the other attribute’s conditions being met. To do this:

    • Click image5 “Add”.

    • In the “Attribute” column, select the desired attribute from the list of existing ones, which will determine the display of the customized attribute.

    • In the “Compare Type” column select the condition: Equals / Does not equal, Contains / Does not contain, Starts with / Does not start with - specifies a particular value, which input will influence attribute displaying; Exists / Does not exist - configurable attribute will be displayed depending on existence of selected attribute’s value. The conditions In range / Out of range are also available for numerical attributes.

    • In the “Value” column, set a specific value, if necessary.

When the setup is complete, save the changes. Click “Save” in the upper right corner of the screen and publish the draft.


  • Global display settings can be overridden locally within the attribute group.

  • Complex attributes will have their own groups. Attributes within complex attributes are not configurable.

Customizing appearance of the record card

Figure 1. Customizing appearance of the record card: 1 - Particular group, 2 - All groups, 3 - Individual attribute