Creating Complex Attribute


Creating a complex attribute is only available for the lookup entity

Complex attribute is a data model object that can contain other attributes of various types.

To create complex attribute, you need to create a nested object.

To create simple attribute:

  1. Make sure that at least 1 nested object is created.

  2. Make sure that the “Attributes” tab is active.

  3. Click the “Add attribute” button located in the list of attributes of the current entity.

  4. Select “Complex attribute” in the list.

  5. Fill in the required attribute fields:

    • Name”: The unique system name of the attribute. Uniqueness is checked at the same nesting level. Thus, if a simple attribute is used as part of a complex attribute, then the same name can be used in another complex attribute. Once saved, the name cannot be changed.

    • Attribute display name”: name of the attribute that will be displayed in the system interface.

    • Nested object”: Select the desired nested object from the list of previously created objects. As a result, the attributes of the selected nested object will be added to the complex attribute. If the nested object contains its own complex attributes, then the entity attribute structure will have nesting of level 2 and deeper. If necessary, click “Go to [selected object name]” to go to the nested object screen.

  6. Configure the attribute properties:

    • Description”: text that is output to the data operator when the mouse cursor hovers over the attribute.

    • Hidden”: if set to “yes”, the attribute is not displayed in the general view of the record.

    • Min” and “Max” fields: minimum and maximum number of nested attributes.

    • Custom properties”: list of parameters (the “name” – “value” pair) that contain additional text information. Parameters can be referenced by custom extensions, and parameters can also contain non-standard information from external systems.

  7. Save changes, if necessary. Click “Save” in the upper-right corner of the screen. If filling errors are detected during saving, a corresponding message will be displayed on the screen. All changes in the entity will be saved.