Creating Data Reindexing Operation

The data reindexing operation is intended to start indexing the search system when there are significant changes in the record structure to speed up the search for records and attributes, as well as to search for duplicate records within the specified entity/lookup entity.

Before you start:

  • Create an account with access to the “Operations” section.

To create the reindexDataJob operation:

  • Click image1 “Create” at the bottom of the operations list.

  • Fill in mandatory properties (type and name of operation) and if necessary additional ones (description, Cron-expression, tags).

  • Configure necessary operation parameters. For example, enable the “Update matching tables” checkbox to run the rules for searching duplicate records.

  • Save the operation by clicking image2 Save in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • If necessary, run the operation manually. Detailed information about the operation execution will be available in the “Launch Manager” tab.

Reindex operation

Additional Actions with the Operations