Creating Data Model

Via User Interface

Before you start:

  • Create an account with superuser rights or with access to “Data Model” section.

To create a data model:

  1. Create a draft and enable the draft mode.

  2. Create the data model object (entity/lookup entity).

  3. Publish the data model draft upon completion.

Creating draft

Figure 1. Creating draft

Creating data model object

Figure 2. Creating data model object

If necessary:

  • Specify source systems and their trust level for loading data from third-party systems.

  • Create nested objects for use in attributes of entities/lookup entities.

  • Create measurement units if you need to convert values of different currencies, systems of measures and weights.

  • Create enumerations to have an ability to select values of record attributes from the list.


  1. Create xml files describing data model elements or edit existing ones by exporting the existing data model.

  2. Import new xml files.

When editing data model, be sure to re-index the data. Otherwise there may be conflicts in the data structure.

Export screen

Figure 3. Export screen

Import screen

Figure 4. Import screen