Adding Users to System

Before you start:

  • Create a user account with superuser rights or with access to “Roles”, “Users”, “Security Labels”, “Audit Logs” sections.

Each user of the system can have his/her own account. This provides access to the system, its functions and data. Users are limited in access rights to system functions and data using roles.

To add a user:

  1. Create roles for users and configure access rights for each.

  2. Create accounts for all users. Users will be able to log in and use the system with their username and password. The specified roles will allow you to differentiate access to system functions and data.

Creating role

Figure 1. Creating role

Creating account

Figure 2. Creating account

If necessary:

  • Restrict access to data within the entity/lookup entity using security labels. Created labels must be enabled for the role or for the account.

  • User actions can be viewed in Audit log.