Adding New Data

When we import a large amount of data from third-party information systems or from a file - we load data, when we create new data (small amount) in the system using Unidata tools - we add data.

Before you start:

  • Create a user account for user.

  • Create and publish a data model with entities/lookup entities.

  • Give rights to the user creating the data to the entities/lookup entities where the data will be added.

Via User Interface

  1. In the Data section of the data steward interface, select an entity or lookup entity to which the records will be added.

  2. Publish the record draft by clicking the “Publish” button in the upper right corner.

  3. Create record and fill in the required fields.

"Create record" button

Figure 1. “Create record” button

Creating record

Figure 2. Creating record


  • If the workflow are configured by administrator, then the record publication step may trigger the publication approval.

  • If the quality rules are configured by data administrator, data quality errors may be displayed at the step of record publishing.

  • Batch addition of records using import from Excel is temporarily unavailable.


  1. Create a REST-request for the record creation. The request may or may not contain the creation of the record draft.

  2. Send the request to the API and wait for it to execute.

  3. The action will result in the creation of a record.


Each request creates only one record. It is possible to create a large number of records by automating one by one sending requests to the API.