Workflow Setup

To use workflows as a mechanism to approve changes, you should first create and configure them. All actions are performed in the “Workflows” section.

Before you start:

Create a user account with the access to the “Workflows” section.

To set up a workflow:

  1. Create a workflow. Depending on the type of process creation, you must either use a template/prepared file, or fill in all the data manually.

  2. Customize created process. Assign the process to the required entities/lookup entities. If necessary, correct the process diagram and set indexed variables.

  3. Check all the main process parameters:

    • For events of the “User task” type it is mandatory to fill in fields “Assignee”, “Candidate users”, “Candidate roles”. Otherwise, the workflow will not be available for editing.

    • The user roles specified in the process must be created in the system and have the same logical names.

    • The process must be assigned to the required entities/lookup entities.

    • The process trigger must match the essence of the process. For example, only processes that check the record when creating, loading or editing it are suitable for the “Insert Record” trigger.

    • If indexable variables are used, they must be correctly passed through all process steps and take values that correspond to their type.

The workflow can be configured for the following events:

  • Creating record;

  • Updating record;

  • Record recovery;

  • Recovery of the record’s validity periods.

Other events require the creation of a custom pipeline.

If you need to implement a custom workflow then add the process description from the loaded libraries to the list of executors.

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