Main UI elements

The interface of the Unidata platform is divided into two parts:

  • Navigation panel. Horizontal bar at the top of the screen. This panel allows you to switch between platform sections, view notifications, system information, etc. The types of navigation buttons to switch between sections depend on the user's role.
  • Workspace. The area where the user can access the selected section functions. Located under the navigation bar.

General view of the navigation panel:

Navigation panel

Figure 1. Navigation panel

The left side of the navigation bar has a menu where you can pin sections to the navigation bar, access the needed section, or enable draft mode in the data administrator interface. To pin the required sections:

  • Click the “Menu” button located in the left side of the panel to open the display settings menu.
  • This action opens a menu (Figure9) with a list of available sections for the current user.
  • Click “Configure” located in the upper-right corner of the menu.
  • As a result, dots will appear above each of the available sections.
    • A gray dot indicates that the section is not yet pinned to the panel. Clicking this dot will pin the section.
    • A red dot indicates that the section is already pinned to the panel. Clicking this dot will cancel the pinning of the section.
  • Pin the required sections.
  • Click ✓ “Save” The button is located in the upper-right corner on the “Configure” button place.

Sections displaying setup

Figure 2. Sections displaying setup

The right part of the panel contains a button to access the “Tasks” section and the user menu. The user menu opens when you click on the user name. The following items are available in the menu:

  • Password reset. Allows you to set a new account password.
  • Notifications. Information about the results of the application's execution. For more information, see there.
  • About. Information about the version, build date of the app, and a list of available modules.
  • License. Only available to a superuser. Updating the license file.
  • Exit. Ending the work session.


The functions available in the workspace depend on the active section. Examples:

  • In the “Data” section, the workspace is a search bar and a table with the found registry/directory entries.
  • In the “Users” section, the workspace is divided into 2 parts: the account list on the left, and the account settings.

When switching between sections of the navigation panel, the state of the workspace elements is saved: the position of the panels, search results, entered data, and so on. Data that is not saved is deleted. The elements' appearance is saved when you log out or change your password.