Release notes

6.2 version

Unidata CE

  • “Data” section.
    • A function to compare the published version of a record with the changes in the record draft is added.
    • It is available to call the draft mode of the record card when you click on any of the card fields.
    • Saved search queries can now be edited and deleted.
  • “Data quality” section.
    • A simple mode for creating quality rules was added.
    • Compatibility of modes and switching between them was implemented.
  • General system view.
    • A unique browser tab name is now displayed for each system screen.
    • Appearance of the system administration sections has been improved.
    • Large text values for system configuration settings are now displayed in wide input fields.
    • Special fields were implemented for system configuration parameters, which can contain large text values, such as descriptions of mappings.
  • The API for operations was reworked. A possibility to get a list of running system operations via API was added. Sequential launching of operations was temporarily disabled.

Unidata EE

  • “Tasks” section. Viewing of the list of tasks included to the process was implemented in the list of processes.
  • “Data” section. In the record card, the right-hand menu now contains a list of tasks created for the record being viewed.
  • “Workflows” section.
    • The order of tabs in the section was changed.
    • The main workflow properties are now set in the “Scheme” tab.
    • Dynamic hint on the elements of the workflow diagram was added.
    • Step-by-step workflow creation wizard was added. The wizard provides different methods of process creation.
    • It is available to create workflows from ready-made templates.
    • Import and export of workflows were added.
  • Fixed many visual and technical issues.