Create data model


  • Account with superuser rights or access to the “Data model” section.

To create data model:

  1. Create a data model draft.
  2. Create data model objects (entities/lookup entities).
  3. If necessary, create nested objects and use them in the entities/lookup entities attributes.
  4. Publish the data model draft.
  5. Set data sources and their trust level (“Data sources” section).
  6. If your project needs to convert values of different currencies, systems of measures and weights, you will need to add units of measurement.
  7. If you want the attribute values in the record to be chosen from a list of ready-made ones, you will need to add enumerations.

Alternate way

  1. Create xml-files with descriptions of data model elements (or edit existing ones).
  2. Examples of xml-descriptions can be made by data model export, created through the user interface (“Import/Export” section, “Export” tab).
  3. Import xml-files (“Import/Export” section, “Import” tab).
When editing the data model, you must run the operation of data re-indexing. Otherwise the data will conflict with the data structure