Quick Start

Unidata platform is a solution for building business data management systems across different sources. Such solutions represent a source of complete and consistent information for a business, and contain reference data cleansed of duplicates, errors, inconsistencies, etc.

How to get started

Minimum for data management:

Advanced data management features:

System maintenance:

Additional resources

List of system functions

Data management

  • Create and edit data model
  • Create and edit data sources
  • Units of measurement configuration
  • Import / export of data model
  • Data quality configuration

Data processing

  • Search, create and edit records
  • Recird drafts

System administration

  • Create account
  • Assign roles to users
  • Assign access rights
  • Create security labels
  • Audit of user actions
  • Perform system maintenance actions
  • Connect libraries
  • Configure system settings
  • Configure pipelines