Release notes

Unidata CE

6.4 version
  • Filtration and value insertion settings have been implemented for the “Reference to lookup entity” attribute type.
  • Additional settings of the search results table have been added.
  • Ability to automatically generate code attribute value was added.
  • Ability to merge records in clusters when viewing the contents of clusters in the “Duplicates” section has been added.
  • Execution phases for data quality rules have been added.
  • Keyboard control of search criteria has been added.
  • Ability to display the main displayed attributes of cluster records has been added to the tables of duplicate clusters and their contents.
  • Ability to display the main displayed attributes of related records (if there are any relations) has been added to the search results table of the “Data” section.
6.3 version
  • A new section "Matching rules" has been implemented.
    • The ability to configure algorithms for matching data model objects has been added.
  • A new section "Duplicates" has been implemented.
    • The ability to create and configure clusters of duplicate data model objects formed according to matching rules has been added.
In the current version of the platform, only duplicate records search is available. Future releases will add the ability to search for duplicate relations
6.2 version
  • “Data” section.
    • A function to compare the published version of a record with the changes in the record draft is added.
    • It is available to call the draft mode of the record card when you click on any of the card fields.
    • Saved search queries can now be edited and deleted.
  • “Data quality” section.
    • A simple mode for creating quality rules was added.
    • Compatibility of modes and switching between them was implemented.
  • General system view.
    • A unique browser tab name is now displayed for each system screen.
    • Appearance of the system administration sections has been improved.
    • Large text values for system configuration settings are now displayed in wide input fields.
    • Special fields were implemented for system configuration parameters, which can contain large text values, such as descriptions of mappings.
  • The API for operations was reworked. A possibility to get a list of running system operations via API was added. Sequential launching of operations was temporarily disabled.

Unidata EE

6.2 version
  • “Tasks” section. Viewing of the list of tasks included to the process was implemented in the list of processes.
  • “Data” section. In the record card, the right-hand menu now contains a list of tasks created for the record being viewed.
  • “Workflows” section.
    • The order of tabs in the section was changed.
    • The main workflow properties are now set in the “Scheme” tab.
    • Dynamic hint on the elements of the workflow diagram was added.
    • Step-by-step workflow creation wizard was added. The wizard provides different methods of process creation.
    • It is available to create workflows from ready-made templates.
    • Import and export of workflows were added.
  • Fixed many visual and technical issues.