Task search

To find task:

  1. Make sure the “Tasks” section is open and the “Tasks” tab is active.
  2. A list of tasks will be displayed.
  3. Set up task filtering:
    • Click the “+ Add criteria” button.
    • The selected criteria are displayed to the right of the “+ Add criteria” button. Some criteria allow you to specify more specific parameters.
  4. After selecting the search criteria, click “ Search”.
  5. As a result, the task list will be re-formed according to the specified parameters

If only their own tasks are available to users:

  • Search criteria will always contain the “My tasks” criterion.
  • Any task search will be performed within the tasks available to the user.
  • Some search criteria will not be available.

Tasks available to current user

Periodically checking for new tasks available to the current user. The number of tasks found is displayed as a counter and is available in the “Available tasks” menu, located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Clicking on the “Available tasks” menu will open a list with the latest available tasks and a button to go to the full list of tasks.

The menu also displays the last active tasks with the “In progress” status.