Compare records

To compare 2 or more records:

  1. Find the required record using search tools.
  2. Open the record card. The card will open in a separate browser tab.
  3. Click the button in the upper right corner of the record card.
  4. Select “Add to compare”.
  5. Open the second record. Also select the “Add to compare” option.
  6. When you have added all of the required records in any record card, select “Go to comparing”.
  7. This will open a new page (Figure 1).
  8. Customize the page, if necessary:
    • Display only the differences between records.
    • Switch the display to tabular.
    • Remove unnecessary records from the comparing page.

Technical information (Etalon ID) and attribute values are displayed in the comparing records.

Comparing of records

Figure 1. Comparing of records